FERMA: European Risk Management Seminar 2020

Corporate Risk & Finance
Virtual live seminar

12-13 October 2020


What will be the focus of this year’s European Risk Management Seminar?

Corporate Risk and Finance: Financing the ever-growing universe of risk

The Covid-19 pandemic and its economic consequences are the clearest possible evidence of our ever-growing universe of risk. The European Risk Management Seminar is:

  • exclusive and limited to 250 Risk and Insurance managers only.
  • a free of charge educational event 

Therefore, we encourage you to register now and secure your seatwww.ferma-seminar.eu

The FERMA (www.ferma.eu) seminar will be a VIRTUAL LIVE event on 12-13 October 2020 and will focus on two key questions:

  • What are the financial options available to manage our new and existing exposures in the current environment?
  • How do we best communicate these issues, especially with the CFO and other senior managers?

Since the insurance market was already hardening when COVID-19 hit, the seminar sessions will consider how new conditions will drive rates and capacity. They will also look at the interface between insurance and ERM and the potential for other risk transfer and financing options.

The pandemic is already highlighting supply chain exposures and the demand for contingent business interruption cover, and climate change-related risks will return to the front of investors’ minds. These are all topics for the exchange of expertise, experience and good practice at the Seminar. With a programme designed for Chief Risk Officers and risk and insurance managers, the Seminar promises expert speakers plus peer-to-peer discussions with real life case studies.

We will welcome you in our 3D digital conference center offering high-level online content and virtual networking opportunities. We will live-stream plenaries and workshops while keeping our educational event an interactive experience: you will be able to learn and engage within the online European Risk Management community.

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